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Insurance Analysis


Change is the only certainty in life, but we do not always receive a “heads up” about how a challenge may disrupt our well-being or stretch our financial resources. For these reasons, it is essential to take steps to protect yourself and your family by arranging adequate insurance solutions for both predictable and unexpected changes throughout your life.


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What is Insurance Analysis?


An insurance analysis is the only way to accurately assess your financial situation and determine your family's current and future insurance needs. Insurance analysis looks at your complete financial picture, calculates capital needed to weather a storm, and then addresses the gap between your assets and potential losses or expenditures.


Ideally, you will secure insurance coverage that helps support you and your family’s needs no matter what life throws your way.



Why Use Insurance Analysis?


As our lives progress, we can reasonably anticipate that our financial and family situations will evolve. We will undoubtedly age, our health or our partner's health will inevitably decline, and our daily care may become more costly. While these scenarios are anticipated eventually, other life circumstances can change unexpectedly.


For example, being diagnosed with a critical illness or being involved in an accident that results in disability can dramatically change your life. In addition, these unpredictable circumstances can threaten your short- and long-term savings, leaving you and your family at risk. Therefore, an insurance analysis helps identify gaps and ensure you can protect your nest egg and continue to provide financial security for your family.



Protecting Your Assets in the Case of Your Death


While most people prefer not to think about death, the reality is that you should do your best to keep all your financial affairs in order. Being prepared reduces the stress on your family and helps ensure your assets can be passed to your heirs quickly and in alignment with your wishes.

Is an Insurance Analysis Necessary?


The decision to buy insurance to protect against certain risks is usually based on a concern that you will not have sufficient personal resources to cover financial losses related to life events or business threats. However, it can be challenging to determine precisely how much coverage you need.


Insurance analysis helps you secure the ideal amount of insurance coverage by looking at your unique situation. With insurance analysis, you will protect your family without buying more coverage than you think you'll need.



How Often Should You Complete an Insurance Analysis?


Your insurance needs and risk tolerance will likely change as your life unfolds. For example, perhaps you recently got married, purchased a home, had a baby, changed jobs, sold your business, or picked your retirement day. All these circumstances may prompt you to alter your insurance solutions. Therefore, a complete insurance analysis should be requested at every stage of life or as your needs change. 



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