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Retirement Planning


Retirement is a much-anticipated milestone that many people look forward to after working hard in their income-earning years. However, achieving your financial goals for retirement requires considerable commitment and planning.


Certainly, you have dreams you want to fulfill in retirement, and you likely wish to maintain or enhance your current lifestyle. For these reasons, effective retirement planning is critical.


At BJK Financial Group, we offer retirement planning services to help you understand your options, manage risks, and maximize your wealth. Learn more below for considerations about your retirement income planning.

Why is Retirement Planning Important?

Retirement income planning is essential to ensure you are on track to retire and that you will have sufficient resources to maintain your current lifestyle for many years to come. Planning early helps you work toward a goal and secure a portfolio that aligns with your retirement plans.

Failing to plan for retirement or neglecting the management of your assets could leave you working longer than you hoped or result in you giving up on some of the dreams you had for later life.



Is It Too Late to Start Planning for Retirement?


While it is beneficial to begin investing in your retirement as early as possible, it is never too late to start planning or saving. Even small contributions deposited consistently can make a big difference in the amount of retirement income available to you - particularly if you avoid withdrawing your funds until you are no longer working.

Ways to Fund Your Retirement


How you plan to save sufficient retirement income is a personal choice based on your unique situation, family values, and timelines. However, common retirement income plans include a combination of:


  • personal savings in a TFSA or RRSP
  • pensions through employment
  • government retirement benefits
  • investment income


Regardless of how you choose to save or invest for retirement, it is essential to keep an eye on your portfolio and work with an advisor to manage risks, maximize your wealth, and sustain your savings.



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Plan for Retirement with BJK Financial Group


Planning for retirement can require decades of dedication, and there are many different financial management strategies that may help or hinder how soon you can cease working. At BJK Financial Group, we support you in reaching your goals sooner by providing advice you can trust.

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