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So, Let’s Talk Some More About BIOFIN

Last month I shared my thoughts about a very powerful panel discussion I participated in at the recent Responsible Investment Association (RIA) conference in Toronto. The Next Imperative: The Urgent Need for Investor Action on Biodiversity was led by Anita De Horde, Co-Founder and Executive Director Finance, Biodiversity Foundation, Finance for Biodiversity Pledge.


I was so impressed by the work that BIOFIN is doing that I decided to share more information about this organization with you in another blog post. As I explained last month, BIOFIN stands for Biodiversity Finance Initiative. And according to their website, BIOFIN is “a United Nations Development Programme-managed global programme (that) exists to demonstrate how nature-positive economies can work for people and the planet.”


Every day we see the destructive power of climate change. It is harming our health as individuals, our ability to function as a society, and our planet’s ability to cope and adapt. I mean, just the other day, they announced that our planet had suffered the hottest day ever on record.


Who is BIOFIN?


BIOFIN was created a decade ago as a direct response to the need to find ways of directing much-needed financial support for global biodiversity efforts. It is managed as a United Nations Development Program and received most of its initial funding from the European Commission.  Now, it is present in over forty countries, from Argentina to Zimbabwe and Sweden to South Africa. BIOFIN is working with the local leadership in these countries, encouraging efforts to invest in and protect their communities and our natural world.


BIOFIN is finding ways to encourage economic growth that doesn’t destroy our planet – that protects and encourages global biodiversity – just like its name suggests. As the BIOFIN website points out that “(t)he COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that human and planetary well-being are intertwined, that the economy and the health of our planet go hand in hand. That the ecosystems of our economies are embedded within our natural ecosystems.”


BIOFIN is demonstrating that with proper thought and planning, we can build an economy that works for people and the planet. Their archive of stories lists hundreds of exciting projects going back to 2014, leading right up to the present. Glancing at these stories fills me with hope and fresh determination for the future.


There is even a free online Biodiversity Finance course available in four languages. With close to 600 enrollees, the course is recognized by governmental agencies and NGOs from around the world. 


Together We Can Accomplish So Much


BIOFIN is an inspiring example of the things we can do together as world citizens. But it is not the only option we have to make a positive difference. There are many exciting options available for you to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from in the years to come.


These are the things that inspired me to become involved in responsible investing. It offers hope on all fronts – financial, social, and environmental. If you want to look for these kinds of opportunities in your portfolio, then reach out. The possibilities are endless. And rest assured, your planet appreciates the effort.  

Brian Kettles at 9:07 AM
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